FP&M's World-Class Journey

FP&M is on a 12-year "journey" to become a world-class operation. Our endeavor is to assist ISU in its aspiration to be the best land grant institution in the nation. We are on this journey together.

What Is a World-Class Operation?

A world-class operation is an organization that becomes the best and then sustains itself as the best in its field. It goes beyond TQM (Total Quality Management), which is an adaptive process. It also goes beyond the "learning organization" by keeping ahead of changes. World-class organizations practice Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), a management philosophy which focuses on improving processes within an organization.

WCO comparison to LO and TQM

Three Facets of a World-Class Operation

Our 12-Year Plan

1997 Creating Awareness for World-Class Operation
1998 Marketing
1999 Process Mapping
2000 Transfer of Best Practices
2001 Knowledge Management
2002 Alignment
2003 Strategic Planning (Know where you stand)
2004 Agree where you want to go
2005 Design how to get there
2006 Roll out the changes
2007 Integrate
2008 Continuous Quality Improvement


Tools We Are Using

Focus Tool(s)
Organizational Design Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) seven criteria of management systems
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Information and Analysis
  • Creative Human Resource Focus
  • Process Management
  • Business Results
Metrics Balanced Scorecard Plus

Kaplan and Norton's four criteria:
  • Financial
  • Customer Focus
  • Internal Processes
  • Innovation and Growth
Plus two criteria of our own:
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge Management
Process Improvements Lean Manufacturing

Six Sigma Methodology