Performance Management Consulting

"In Pursuit of Excellence in Creating World-Class Organizations"

How We Work

Phase 1

It all starts with an initial "Alignment" meeting with management's understanding of the wants, needs, desire and requirements of your situation or the organization. This evaluation process is an hour meeting with principals of the organization. For a full situational analysis of the company, it may take three days to a week or more per depending on a mutually agreed scope of work.

Phase 2

After Phase 1 is completed, a basic written assessment and proposal will be provided for management review tailored for each individual, a small organization or large enterprises.

To facilitate the continuous quality improvement process, each level in the organization will be asked to respond to a one-page questionnaire through e-mail. The responses are received by PMC separately from:

  1. Management
  2. Lead directors
  3. Sample identified staff (employees)

Phase 3

A feedback report will be provided for the next steps. Collaboration is directly with PMC head, Chris Ahoy. Strategic Planning and Deployment will focus on the following:

  1. Baseline Evaluation — People, machines, materials, methods and environment
  2. Organization Cultural Assessment — Cultural assessment of the organization and members
  3. Mission, Vision Values — Review and/or develop Corporate and business unit mission, benchmark goals, and vision values
  4. Continuous Quality Improvements — Quality Management through process review and mapping
  5. Feedback Report — a feedback report through self-assessment, exposing process flaws or misalignments

All this will be conducted with a comprehensive, progressive, and systematic approach where system wide feedback is encouraged, evaluated, and logged. We look forward for the opportunity to help direct you, or your company to your new future.