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A few sample commendations and recommendations from colleagues and associates:

Chris Ahoy gave a Keynote speech “Creating a World Class Organization” presentation at our 2007 AsssetWorld conference, “The Sky is The Limit,” in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 7, 2007. This was our ninth conference and I can say without a doubt that Chris’ presentation is the best presentation ever at our conference. I received a lot of very positive feedback from our attendees and I know I learned a lot myself. I think that the attendance at his breakout session “Filling in the Gaps,” another conference record for attendance, speaks volumes about his general session presentation. If I can be a reference or assist him in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.
University President

Chris has had a very meaningful impact on the literature not only through his many keynote speeches and presentations but also through articles and books. His recent book, Leadership in Educational Facilities Administration, should be required reading for all administrators in this area and would be a very appropriate reading assignment in an MBA or MPA program. To be honest, when I served as provost at Iowa State University, I believe Chris was as prolific in getting important articles published as some of our top faculty. His nominator lists most of his significant contributions to the literature.

Chris has raised the standards of planning theory and practice for all universities by demonstrating the impacts of high quality, thoughtful planning models at Iowa State University. He walks the talk. He is a leader – a level 5 leader in Jim Collins' Good to Great classification of leadership. His division at Iowa State University won numerous awards from various planning and quality organizations including the Malcolm Baldrige Award. In addition, many universities sent representatives to witness firsthand the impact of his leadership and planning models. He had impact through the demonstration of how his organization was transformed by the application of very effective planning and leadership principles.

In closing, I can say that I personally benefitted from interacting with Chris. When I was dean of the College of Business at Iowa State University, Chris was critically important in making our new business building a reality. Without him, I don’t think it would have happened. He helped the process by his careful and strategic use of his planning skills and models. In addition, when I moved on to central administration at Iowa State University, Chris and I continued to meet on a regular basis to discuss a variety of quality and planning issues related to the university. In reflection, one reason he has had such an impact on people who know him and who have read his materials or listened to him speak, is that he really is an excellent teacher and scholar. He studies, explores, experiments, and shares. That is a true scholar.

Large University
We brought Chris to the University of Minnesota to energize our transformation. We chose to work with him because of his proven change leadership at Iowa State, which has been recognized as a success through the Baldrige quality process, and his strategic leadership which has been recognized nationally through his selection as APPA president. Though his time at the U of MN was short, he made a lasting impression in our transformational work.
International University
I know Chris in his capacity as President of APPA since the time when I was President of HEFMA (the equivalent Facilities Management association in Southern Africa). I have the highest respect for him as mentor, as well as for his willingness to share his vast amount of knowledge with anybody who wants to learn and grow. I have heard him delivering papers/addressing people on several occasions and without exception it exceeded the expectation of the listeners. On one occasion I had the opportunity to visit Chris at Iowa State University and was most impressed with the professional way in which Chris inspires his team of subordinates to strive for excellence. In spite of his superior knowledge, he has the ability to let everybody feel they are something and their input also counts.
Community College President
In my 30 years of administrative experience, I have had the opportunity to know only a few rare and especially talented individuals who possess the ability, self-esteem and sense of accountability to impact the world. Chris Ahoy is one of those individuals. He brought great perspective and vision to the University of Nebraska system. He understood the magnitude of his impact on the citizen of Nebraska. With tremendous energy, ability and determination, he developed a series of management and facilities plans under which the University has excelled. His exemplary efforts helped the College develop its first extensive master plan. This defined its mission, a methodology to achieve its mission, and a realistic facilities’ plan to make it happen. Mr. Ahoy’s commitment to helping others achieve their dreams and providing motivation and information has brought the College up to a higher level. The College’s students and the entire state of Nebraska will be forever in his debt.